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You know how there's a convention to put [Won by X] as a suffix in the thread titles if the tournament is concluded in that thread, can we start a trend by putting the size of tournaments also? e.g. [128-man Won by X].

I have done this for all old gen metagame circuit tournaments so far, and it's fairly straightforward except with tournaments that involve playoffs, especially where you have multiple qualifying entries. The true size of, for example, a ladder tournament — could either be the amount of unique users who sign up for each of the cycles, or the ladder accounts that are signed up. The same user could sign up for 2 cycles, do you count them once or twice? This ignores the fact it's quite hard work to even count the qualifying stages, so perhaps it's easiest just to record the playoff size. The only problem with opting to record the smaller size is that you can't appreciate the sheer amount of competitors involved.

The solution could perhaps be that you put 700⇨32-man in the playoffs thread title (700 being unique users) and then you put the number of users who signed for each cycle in that cycle's thread.

Please note that this is a suggestion for whoever is willing to put in the time to edit any amount of title threads to include size, and definitely not suggesting hosts of ladder tournaments (or anything else as complicated) also have to count the sizes as part of their hosting duties.

I wonder if it's worth including abbreviations for the type of tournament, like SE & DE (Single Elimination & Double Elimination) too.
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